Hard Cover Coffee Book Table


Coffee Table Books Hard Cover
Three cover styles are available to order: High Gloss Photographic, Matte Photographic, and Bonded Black Leather. Match your cover with one of five paper types: Standard, Linen, Matte, Lay-Flat, or Lay-Flat UV Coated. High Gloss and Matte photographic cover sizes range from 5x5 to 11x14 with horizontal, vertical, and square formats. Bonded Black Leather books are available in 5x5, 6x9, 8x8, 8x12, and 10x10 sizes.

Paper Options
Paper Type Standard Our standard paper has a satin, semi-matte appearance. This book has a magazine-style binding.
Paper Type Linen Perfect for artistic work, linen paper offers a hand-woven appearance to your coffee table book pages.
Paper Type Matte Our matte paper is thicker than our standard paper. The smooth feel of these pages lends itself to softening colors and textures.
Paper Type Lay-Flat Lay-flat paper is an innovative way to increase the viewing area of coffee table books. The paper has a hinged edge, allowing it to lay flat when the book is open.
Paper Type Lay-Flat UV Coated Thicker than our standard lay-flat paper, lay-flat UV coated pages will give your book a metallic appearance. The thick, glossy UV coated paper is our most durable option.
Book Cover Options